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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Illustration Friday "Reverse"

I visited New Orleans this past week and it was cold and rained the entire time. However, that made me venture off to the Audubon Aquarium where I discovered the delightful penguin exhibit. They have 28 South African Black Footed penguins and 3 Rockhopper penguins. I took tons of photos and talked to the wonderful Tom Dyer who is their penguin keeper. They are amazing creatures. Now this penguin that I sketched for IF is a big daddy penguin, the Emperor, like what starred in March of the Penguins. I've been down with the flu so stuck on the couch with not a lot of energy to go through the photos I shot but I couldn't get the penguins out of my mind. I decided that this penguin is trying to go in "reverse." Or it may be that his flippers reminded me of my backstroke, or it could be the cough meds. Whatever. I'm much better today and doing this little sketch made me feel a lot more chipper. Plus, I now have idea #2 for a picture book! Also, I keep forgetting to use better paper, this thin sketchbook buckles.

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Anonymous said...

I love these sketches...you have really captured the eneregy and attitude of these wonderful creatures!